About Northern Pride

Who are we?

Northern Pride was formed in August 2007 after a brief gap in Pride activities following the closure of Pride on the Tyne. A research project was commissioned and carried out by MET Ltd to establish what the North East LGBT community would like from a Pride event. These results were fed back to the community in May 2007 and from this feedback a group of volunteers came forward and formed the first Northern Pride Committee.


Northern Pride was incorporated as a limited company in 2009 to give the organisation greater accountability and protection and is a registered charity. The festival has become a regional event with a large following and we aim to build on this in the future to ensure we achieve our mission statement:

“To proudly promote Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender culture through public celebration of our heritage and engaging in education and cultural activities that enrich the community, whilst raising awareness of the issues LGBT people face, building mutual respect and working to end discrimination”

Our Key Principles


Protect LGBT rights already won and champion these whilst supporting the fight to end equality indifferences that remain at home and abroad.


Promote a healthy body and mind through access to support and education for the community and our straight allies.


Provide a series of LGBT events including our annual festival to bring communities closer together and celebrate our diversity.