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Merry Christmas

At Christmas time, many people will take breaks from their usual hectic life. Whether that’s life in education, in employment, or retirement.


Some may find it a hard time, a time with very few people around them, homelessness or in hospital.


It’s also a time for people to reflect on what has happened over the last 12 months, and some will even take time to plan, make goals and look ahead to what 2019 can bring.


For the team here are Northern Pride, we use these weeks to down tools and spend time with our friends and family. Our reflection period generally starts Monday after the festival weekend and to be honest, that’s when our planning period also begins.


And wow…have we been busy!


2018 for the team has largely been a one of success. Our Newcastle Pride festival continued to grow, with 78k people attending the festival, and over 20k people walking in our parade. We also won a Lottery grant to help develop our Health Zone which opened for the first time on the Sunday during the Festival.


Our third Youth Prom exploded in song, dance and colour as we celebrated ‘Be You’, with 300 young people turning up… something tells us we may need a bigger venue!


We also launched our new Alex logo, our new principles and we successfully won our Bid to host UK Pride 2020.


What a year!


We’ve done a lot of reflection, and listened to feedback both online and on our survey.


Starting from January, we’ll begin sharing with you our plans to continue to build on the successes of our Festival weekend, learn from our mistakes, develop our areas of improvement, and continue to deliver on our promises…


Protect LGBT rights already won and champion these whilst supporting the fight to end equality indifferences that remain at home and abroad.


Promote a healthy body and mind through access to support and education for the community and our straight allies.


Provide a series of LGBT events including our annual festival to bring communities closer together and celebrate our diversity.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, for the continued support.


However you spend your Christmas time, we wish you good health and prosperity.


Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year


Ste, Sue, Steven, Stephen, Ross, Sophie, David, Scott, Richard, Thomas, Lou, Dawn, Jay and Shaun.