Say hello to the new Northern Pride!

We’re over the moon to introduce you to our new look, website and icon – Alex. Signalling a new era for the charity and pride in the North East, the designer behind the new branding tells all. 


By Jonny Chambers •   

A few months ago, I got a phone call from Ste, then the Marketing and Communications guy at Northern Pride. I’d done bits and bobs for Ste and other events but this phone call ended up being something far more exciting.


What started off as a bit of light improvement works to the existing communications, ended up becoming a complete rebrand and new website, fit for the North East’s biggest champion of LGBT+ people.


The old branding and website have served the charity well, but for a variety of reasons, we felt that it was time to try something new. In just a few short months, a lot of Facebook messages and no less than 25 different versions, the new Northern Pride branding was born, with a new icon, now affectionately called Alex taking pride of place.


The design thinking behind the new logo is fairly simple. It’s supposed to represent every person, regardless of how they identify. It also aims to give clear reference to our beautiful part of the world. Alex, the Northern Pride icon does both of these things. First and foremost, it represents a person, of no specific gender, race, ethnicity or creed. Its outstretched arms are an open embrace, so signify #weare open, accepting and proudly sending out our message.


It also, of course, bears a passing resemblance to an iconic piece of Northern identity. Antony Gormley’s Angel of the North. The Angel represents many different things to many people, but for us, it not only represented the North East as a place but the North East people’s warmth and welcoming nature. We, of course, approached Antony Gormley to seek his blessing to reference the Angel and we’re very pleased to say that he accepted our request.


You’ll be seeing a lot more of Alex over the next year. The versatile nature of the icon means we can change it to represent the whole spectrum of sexualities, genders and identities. From its default Pride Flag state, we’ve created versions of Alex to include many of the flags you’ll see at LGBT+ events, from the trans pride flag to lesbian pride flags.



Over the last few days, we’ve been working on this, the new Northern Pride website. Unlike the old site, this one is much more mobile friendly and its focus has shifted to provide more advice and support than ever before. There’s still lots of things we’re working to bring to the new site over the coming weeks, so keep checking back!