UK Pride Commemorative Flag (5ftx8ft)


UK Pride Commemorative Flag 

Large Size 5ft x 8ft

We would like to send a clear message to the north east, that we’ll be back ready to celebrate UK Pride 2021 by decorating the region and we would love to have your support.

As we look to decorate shop fronts, offices, homes and flag poles, we’d love the chance to have our flag included.

We recently announced a change to our iconic branding. In line with the Progress Flag, we’ve introduced the additional colours of white, pink, blue, brown and black to bring focus on inclusion and progress, standing in solidarity with trans, non-binary, gender diverse and people of colour within the community, and these are the people who need our support more than ever. Therefore, this will be an incredibly important focus for Northern Pride, and you’ll see this reflected in the commemorative flag.

The UK Pride 2021 commemorative flag (as pictured) can be ordered now and will be delivered before July, meaning it can be used to help countdown to Northern Pride Online (18th July) and of course used to help raise awareness of our UK Pride status for next year.

This is simple and easy way to show support for the community and keep the north easts LGBTQ+ visibility strong at this difficult time.


100% of the profits from all our merchandise and clothing is used to continue to deliver our LGBTQ+ campaigns and outreach work, and to help keep the Northern Pride festival weekend free to attend. 


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