Our Team

David Brown

What is your role within Northern Pride and what does that entail?


I am company and committee secretary, meaning I am responsible for all the paperwork behind the scenes. I’m also that person that makes sure agendas are stuck to with little deviation. It’s more of a challenge than most realise, especially with such a creative and outgoing team behind Northern Pride!


What’s skills do you bring to the Northern Pride committee? 


I have worked in the voluntary sector throughout my career to date and this has involved working for a regional charity as a fundraising and events manager and now as a project manager for a national charity. I am also a member of various local committees and groups in the Durham area. From community centres to village festivals you name it I’ve probably had a go at it. I am hardworking, passionate and have an eye for detail. I’m also quite good at being critical. I’m one of those the glass is neither have full or empty if there’s a whole in it kind of people!


What’s your secret talent? 


I have no secret talents although did attend pole dancing as a mid-twenties crisis. Thankfully it only lasted for three lessons!


What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to? 


A random one but definitely one I will never forget was at the Houston Rodeo a couple of years ago which ended with a Jason Derulo concert. From Texas BBQ, to lassoeing cattle, to a concert, bizarre but fantastic. Apart from that I haven’t really been to many concerts.


What do you enjoy the most about working within Northern Pride? 


I enjoy how diverse our team is and the passion each person brings to the table. As a group of people, we work tirelessly to continuously make Northern Pride an even better, bigger, more inclusive event which is no mean feat. I’m excited for the future and what #WeAreNorthernPride will achieve!


Who or what inspires you and why? 


I have worked with a number of very vulnerable people in my various jobs and I am inspired on a daily basis by their ability to carry on regardless and overcome some of life’s greatest challenges. Also, I’ve got to say my mum, as an only child in a single parent family I have always been inspired by her determination and drive and hope that I too one day can have that same approach to life.