Our Team

Jay Anderson

What is your role within Northern Pride and what does that entail?


My role within northern pride entails making sure the trans community feel safe and accepted at events and in the wider community. Joining the committee a few months before 2018 Pride, I’ve organised social events for the trans community, organised educational talks on trans rights, and plan to carry on bringing our community together and making safe spaces.


What’s skills do you bring to the northern pride committee? 


I speak openly and express other people’s views and thoughts within the community and I’m not afraid to try new ideas, such as trans social nights. I’m always open to hear other people’s ideas and support them the best I can. I’m good at public speaking, especially political based events, and find it easy to socialise.


What’s your secret talent?


I can quote FRIENDS in any context and make it make sense. It’s not common… it doesn’t happen to every guy…and it IS a big deal.


What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?


Ed Sheeran. Can I change my answer if there’s an oasis reunion though?


What do you enjoy the most about working within Northern Pride?


I enjoy being able to meet all kinds of people who express themselves in all different ways, who give others the courage to be proud of themselves. The sense of giving back to a community that has helped me so much is extremely rewarding.


Who or what inspires you and why? 


I’m inspired by the trans people who before me have lost their lives, fought hard, for not being afraid to speak up. Because of them, my identity is safer, although we have a long way to go, I always remember to respect those people and what they did for me and the current community of 2018. If I can make a small percent of the impact of those people, then I’d be extremely proud of myself.