Our Team

Ste Dunn

What is your role within Northern Pride and what does that entail?


So, as the Chair of Northern Pride, many would say I’m the boss… but I prefer leader. And yes, it’s a cliché but I’d like to think I lead the team at Northern Pride like a leader of a wolf pack. I lead from behind the group. Whilst I might support in direction of travel, and keep us all unified on our goals, the team set the pace, they set the rhythm and they also set the details behind the steps we take to deliver our festival, satellite events and campaigns. I’m proud to have the opportunity to lead this team of incredible volunteers and to deliver all the things under the Northern Pride banner on behalf of our LGBT+ community.


What’s skills do you bring to the northern pride committee? 


For 15 years I’ve worked in the financial and energy sectors across multiple roles from project and portfolio management, continuous improvement, communication and marketing. Skills and experiences that I believe add value to my role, and to supporting the team at Northern Pride. I love problem solving and using Lean Six Sigma to help make improvements to all different aspects of daily life! I’m looking forward to using these skills to help grow our charity aspirations.


What’s your secret talent? 


Well I would say photography, but most people know that of me by now. I suppose if you were to ask Miss Rory, then she’d say my secret talent is the ability to look like a hobbit without trying!!


What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to? 


I’d have to say Lady Gaga… the first time, since she cancelled on me the second time… twice… sore subject. I bought tickets to treat my partner for his birthday, and when I gave him them, his first comment was “who should I take” since I was never a fan of Gaga. But watching her perform with such passion and strong message behind almost every word uttered was owe inspiring… loved her ever since, a true icon for anyone and everyone.


What do you enjoy the most about working within Northern Pride? 


The team… the fam! I joined Northern Pride four years ago and you don’t appreciate the connection and solidarity you build as a team until you’ve worked all year round, evenings and weekends, with a diverse group of people so passionate and dedicated to deliver pride. Sunday’s candlelit vigil is an emotional time for the team as we often use this time to reflect on why we do what we do, and who we do it for. Being a gay dad, it’s a time for me to reflect on the LGBT+ movement and how my daughter is able to grow in a society that generally accepts two dads. We’re the lucky ones, many in our community aren’t, and that’s why we are here, to keep pushing for equality for us all.


Who or what inspires you and why? 


The Doctor from Doctor Who. Although a fictional character, just think, the Doctor was given a screwdriver to fix things, a police box for people to be able to call for help, and they gave them an extra heart. Traits that I’d like to think I have, the ability to help fix things, an open door to help people, and an abundance of love and passion in everything I do. Finally, the Doctors promise is something we could all take a lesson from, “Never cruel or cowardly, never give in and never give up”