Our Team

Stephen Hogarth-Willis

What is your role within Northern Pride and what does that entail?
As the Festival Director, I oversee the festival from a bird’s-eye view. I make sure everybody has everything they need, down to [when] the ice is being delivered, the staging, tents, the fence is in the correct location, permits, licenses, [and] the police are there. The Festival Director works behind-the-scenes to make sure everything goes smoothly from the earliest stages of the event to when the bands are packing up and all the fans are heading home. These duties include dealing with the city where the festival will be held to secure the necessary permits and building relationships with key stakeholders in the community. On the festival grounds, the Festival Director manages the location and the employees, oversees setup and breakdown, deals with contractors, and creates materials such as maps and signage. They are in charge of setting up on-site offices, maintaining relationships with food, liquor, and merchandise vendors and coordinating festival staffing. They also ensure the festival receives adequate insurance coverage, and work with other top-level execs to project potential income and risks for the event. Due to the varied nature of this line of work, Festival Directors work with a huge range of people, including vendors, Talent Buyers, city officials, musicians, security, ticketing/box office representatives and basically anyone you’d see on the ground, working at a festival.
What’s skills do you bring to the Northern Pride committee? 
The skill set I bring to Northern Pride are 7 years of logistics and event management and a history in large scale event planning. Others areas I bring to pride are project management within aviation customer service and customer service training advisor.
What’s your secret talent? 
My bones break easily.
What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to? 
Beyoncé and Jayz at the Camping World Stadium Florida.
What do you enjoy the most about working within Northern Pride? 
I enjoy making our community proud to be who they are.