Life in Lockdown

We know that COVID-19 and the global pandemic has impacted the community in many different ways. From key working to home schooling, to being furloughed or education being moved online.


Some of our LGBTQ+ community have found it harder than most. The community can sometimes be the family we chose, and we may be isolating alone or away from our support network. We also may be living in hostile environments where we are hiding our true identity to remain safe.


We think that it’s important to reflect and remember this moment in our history and highlight the challenges we’ve had to overcome.


The Life in Lockdown series is born

Our initial plans are to use the content as part of Northern Pride Online, July 18th which will be shown throughout the day, broadcasted live on Facebook and YouTube. These will then be left on online for the foreseeable.


Images will also be used as on a social media campaign across Northern Prides Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Images with the story will be used on Northern Prides digital magazine Insight.


Our goal will be to set up and exhibition with the prospect of touring the region. This will be later in the year when social distancing rules improve, and hospitality reopens to maximise the exposure of the exhibition.


To go alongside the exhibition, we are hoping to secure funding to be able to publish a commemorative book.

Apply to take part

Please confirm who would be at home and taking part if you're selected for the photoshoot
This will help us identify if we're able to make it to your location as a team of volunteers we may struggle in some circumstances
Please provide just a short summary of your lockdown story